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15-Hour Green Associate Study Materials - course given Nov and Dec 2013

  1. Flash Cards for 15-Hour Green Associate Seminar
  2. LEED Green Associate Candidate Handbook
  3. Books You May Want to Purchase - Study Bundle:  Green Associate Study Guide and Core Concepts Guide
  4. Power Point presentation for the seminar - Day 1
  5. Power Point presentation for the seminar - Day 2
  6. Outline for Green Associate seminar
  7. Sample Tests (l) (1b)  (2) (2b) (3) (3b) (4) (4b) (5) (5b) (6) (6b) (7) (7b) (8) (8b) (9) (9b) (10) (10b)

Useful Info from other GREEN seminars

  1. Read More About Green Building - posted Feb 1, 2014 by Stephanie Cilla
  2. New Market Research Study on Green Building - posted Feb 1, 2014 by Stephanie Cilla
  3. How to Calculate and Present Deep Retrofit Value - posted Jan 31, 2014 by Cindy Malinchak
  4. Residential Green and Energy Efficient Addendum - distributed Jan 27, 2014 by June Kerr
  5. Handouts from Appraising the value of Energy Efficiency in Real Estate - distributed Jan 27, 2014 by June Kerr

                      General Research Websites    Musings of an Energy Nerd

Other Information

  1. Polycrete Big Block
  2. Green Building Finance Consortium Acronyms and Abbreviations
  3. Analysis of Cost and Non-Cost Barriers and Policy Solutions for Commercial Buildings
  4. Principal Real Estate Investors Ranked Among "Greenest Companies" in U.S.
  5. Tax Breaks for Businesses, Utilities and Governments
  6. Value Beyond Cost Savings - Chapter 1 - Introduction
  7. Value Beyond Cost Savings - Chapter 2 - Sustainable Property Investment Decisions
  8. OSRAM Sylvania Commercial Lighting Survey
  9. Green on Buildings:  The Effects of Municipal Policy on Green Building Designations in America's Central Cities
  10. Value Beyond Cost Savings - Chapter 3 - Evaluating Property Sustainability
  11. Value Beyond Cost Savings - Chapter 5 - Sustainable Property Financial Analysis
  12. New Push for Making Buildings Energy Efficient
  13. Doing Well by Doing Good?  Green Office Buildings
  14. The Green MLS Tool Kit
  15. Big Apple Ripe for Green Development
  16. Green Building Elements Is About the Construction of Green Buildings, Ideas and the Design Behind Them
  17. Flex Tech Program
  18. Focus on Commercial Real Estate
  19. Non-Green Office Buildings Sacrifice 8% in Rent Revenues

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